Temporarily Closed - Reopening Soon - Mariposa Saloon Now Open.
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Esq FAQ's
AGLC Rules
Please ensure all guests bring a government issued ID.

We cannot allow entry to guests without government issued ID. No Exceptions.
Dress Code
Our Dress Code Is Intended To Facilitate A Pleasant Experience For All Guests. **We Encourage All of Our Guests To Dress To Impress**


• Support Attire
• Gang Colors
• Bandanas
• Muscle Shirts
• Sleeveless Shirt
• Work Boots
• Men Shorts On Friday and Saturday Night
• Men Sandals

We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone.
How to Reserve a Table
If Your Looking For Guaranteed Seats/Table

You Have A Few Options:Arrive Early - Before 8pm

Reserve a Bottle Service Table. (Guest From 2 - 20)
Reserve a Free Limo
Arrive In Style - Request A FREE LIMO.

Limos Require a minimum of 4 passengers but can be booked for groups up to 11 People.

Limo guests receive Free Cover / No Line

Limos are for General Admission Only.

If you are interested in seating, ask your host at arrival.
Changes to Free Limos
Unfortunately we currently do not allow changes to free limo rides. If you would like to make a change, you will have to cancel your ride and request a new one. We do not guarantee availability. To cancel your ride, find your reservation on our website, click the cancel button and follow the steps.
Changes to Paid Events
As you can image, a lot of time and effort goes into every booking that we make. We ensure top notch service from entertainment to limos to room bookings and bottle service. We do understand that emergencies do arise and we try to work together with our customers. However there are some fees that we as an organization cannot absorb. Please be aware that these fees are NON-Negotiable.

Cancelations are subjected to a $150.00 fee.
Changes are subject to a $50.00 fee.

Cancelation and Change Requests can be sent through our Change Request Form until 48h before the event

Please click the change request link in your confirmation email to make changes or cancelations.

Unfortunately since we commit the space and time slot of your event, we cannot offer any refunds or changes within 48 hours.
Terms - Bottle Service
You are putting down a deposit. You will still have to place an order at arrival and your deposit will be deducted from your final bill.

Choose your bottles at arrival.

Make sure you arrive early. Seats are held till 11:45pm. Groups that exceed the maximum group size for the table booked may be subjected to a different table with a higher bottle minimum.

Your guests have till 12:30 to receive guest list access = FREE COVER / NO LINE.

AGLC Rules Apply

Cancelation and Change Requests can be sent through our Change Request Form until 48h before the event.

Refunds and changes can only be requested until 48 hours before your event.

Please do not miss your reservation, as we cannot give you a refund if you don't show up.

Premium Booths featuring Go Go Poles with Go Go Dancers on rotated schedules when available.
Terms - Limo Rides
Use our web-form to request a free limo. A manager will review your request and send you a confirmation via email or phone.

Limo rides are One-Way-Direct. Scenic rides and stops are not possible.

Limo pick-up times are not guaranteed, but we try to be as punctual as possible. Please be ready. Due to our busy schedule our limo cannot wait.

We may have to cancel your ride if we cannot get a hold of you via phone.

Alcohol is not permitted inside the limo.

We currently don't offer return limos.

You must have 4 to 11 people to qualify.

By accepting a Free Ride - FM Entertainment assume No Liability.
Terms - Guest List
Our guest list is open till 10:45pm.

Your friends will have to book separately in order to be on the guest list. This guest list reservation is for you only.

Dress to impress.

We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone.
Terms - Bachelor Parties
Bachelor parties are currently only available Boudoir Rouge.
Terms - Bachelorette
Bachelorette parties are currently only available Boudoir Rouge.
Lost & Found
If you have lost something at Mariposa, please call us during opening hours. Best time to call is after 7pm.