Male Entertainers

How To Become A

Male Entertainer

It's Really Easy

I Don't Have Any Experience?

                • You don’t need any experience to work at FM AGENCY, we have developed a safe and fun training formula over the years, that is sure to make your first few days / weeks / months extremely enjoyable.

Who Are We?

                • FME has been around for over 30 years! Our track record with the City of Calgary, The Calgary Police, and Alberta Health Services is impeccable. We cleaned up the industry, brought in new safety standards with the City of Calgary and we continue to work together to make FME a safe venue. We have chosen safe locations to build our business, we are not hidden in some dark ally, we are in prime real-estate location and our customer appresciate this, and that’s why Hockey players, Football Players, and yes celebrities choose us over other locations

Drama Free Zone

                • At FME we take pride in our NO Drama Policy. Remember, this is a career for many; some are currently in college, some are just looking for extra income and yes, some have kids at home. You’re not just working for FME, you are becoming part of our family, a tight family with high standards and expectations from everyone.

What Should I do First?

                • Think about who will you portray on the grand stage, what fantasy of the mind will you audience take home after they have watched your show? Are you a Runway Model, Guy Next Door, Punk-Rock, Nerdy Guy, or a Burlesque King? Think about building your brand, your followers, prepare, and be prepared. You can be anything you want up there on that stage, don’t think twice, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

What Should I do Second?

                • It's simple, just submit your application, and we will contact you and give you direction towards your new and exciting career.


                • Social Media is extremely important to growing our brand, and a strong personal social presence is definitely an asset in you becoming part of our team.


                • We are an exotic entertainment agency based in Calgary and we cater to clubs, private venues, and V.I.P events